New Jersey Durable Medical Power of Attorney Form

The New Jersey durable medical power of attorney for health care form is a legally for the patient and Agent who becomes a facilitator of the patient`s health care wishes. This will happen in the event of the patient being no longer able to through serious illness such as a coma. If a principal is pregnant then they may no longer use a medical power of attorney document. The document is in accordance with the US statutes N. § 26:2H-53 to –81, and requires the presence of 2 witnesses or a notary.

How to Write

Medical Power Of Attorney

The principal`s, agent`s and notary`s details must be entered.

  • Principal`s name.
  • Principal`s address.
  • Agent`s name.
  • Agent`s address.
  • Agent`s signature.
  • Principal`s signature.
  • Date.
  • Name of principal.
  • Name of notary.