Wisconsin Living Will Form (Advance Directive)

The Wisconsin living will form, ‘advance directive’, is created in accordance with US Statutes §§154.01 to 154.29 allowing patients to legally choose the medical health care treatment they want to receive should they become so ill that they are unable to make these choices. This living will document requires two witnesses to make it legally acceptable. The document is invalid if the principal is found to be pregnant.

How to Write

Right To Life Living Will

The principal must enter their name.


Terminal Condition

The principal must indicate that they do not want life sustaining conditions and indicate their wishes with regards to the use of feeding tubes in the event of them suffering a terminal condition.

  • To use feeding tubes.
  • Not to use feeding tubes.


Persistent Vegetative State

The principal must indicate their wishes regarding life sustaining treatment in the event of them becoming in a persistent vegetative state.

  • To receive life sustaining treatment.
  • Not to receive life sustaining treatment.
  • To use feeding tubes.
  • Not to use feeding tubes.



The details of the principal and witnesses must be entered.

  • Principal`s signature.
  • Date.
  • Principal`s address.
  • Principal`s date of birth.
  • Witnesses signature.
  • Witnesses name.
  • Date signed.


Copies Of The Document

The principal may enter the names and details of any persons who they give a copy of the document to.